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  1. Bison

  2. AI Origins - Image Recognition

    AI Origins – Image Recognition

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  3. Tektonic Plates Rock - Shirt Design

    T-Plates Rock

  4. Stock Chart Analysis

    Stock Chart Analysis

  5. Reclamation


    I turned to a different subject matter that I’ve been obsessed with lately: time-lapsed photography of plants. I think of nature as a highly intelligent…

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  6. Videography

    Collection of videos I have scripted, storyboarded and produced.    

  7. Instructional Design

    Instructional design experience includes curriculum building, scripting, designing, publishing, and analyzing engagement.    

  8. RSI

    Relative Strength Index 101

  9. Cube Craft - Self Portrait

    Cubecraft – Self Portrait


  10. Copilot Exchange – Education Channel

      Educational stock analysis YouTube channel. Responsibilities include research, scripting, voice overs, editing, and publishing. Click here to explore CPTX videos.  

  11. Mola – Layering Experiment


  12. Reclamation

    Reclamation was a short stop motion film I made for Graduate Critique. I was exploring the possibility of organic matter evolving rapidly through the consumption…

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