p5js – Perlin Noise, Audio & Functions

We messed around with Perlin Noise in p5js last week and I got pretty excited at the possibilities of random generative animation. I kept messing with this concept and have a couple animations set up to link with audio. The amplification of the audio basically affects the speed and size of the animated shapes. I’m […]

p5js – 2

We have moved on to combining for loops and arrays in p5js. This is a quick way to multiply a ton of objects and get them animated. I’m kind of understanding the basic idea, but still cannot seem to build out a sketch without referencing a tutorial or help website. Every animation or function has […]

Speculative Fiction – Script Ideas

First project: Write a script and storyboard a speculative fiction that challenges current technical pathways. This will eventually become a short film. I have the option to present a couple of ideas, so why not take advantage? One idea is relevant for current emerging tech, the other is a little far-fetched. Here they are: Script Concept […]