Project 1.2 – Live Performance

After playing my initial sample for class, I was encouraged to explore tactile sound design to foster a more analog-centric performance. John Cage’s Water Walk was provided as an example of experimental analog music. Keeping simplicity in mind, I started building instruments out of things lying around my apartment and the following instruments took form: Analog Noise […]

Cultural Event 1 – Solastalgia

Solastalgia – 3/31/17 Dateline: 3004 Larimer St. Denver, CO Jayne Butler / Molly Lofton / Noah Travis Phillips / Sarah Richter / Bart Rondet / Anna Winter A mixed exhibition of EDP MFA students featuring virtual reality, digital, tactile and sonic arts. I had a great time experiencing the wide breadth of work from our program’s graduate students at Solastalgia. I […]