Sonic Design

Forgot My Glasses

This one feels finished! I’ve been working hard to learn as many of the functions in Audiotool as possible. It’s turned out to be a powerful program for creating unique sounds from scratch. This piece is composed almost entirely out of Audiotool, each sound was designed independently with a variety of synths and pedals. I made a higher pitch solo background melody that I mapped to the keyboard through Reaktor, then combined the Audiotool and Reaktor files in Audition to master it. FYI – you can download Reaktor for free and also throw some free instrument plugins into the program right off their main site. Its super limited in its capabilities in free mode but you can still generate an amazing variety of sounds with their free plugins.

Songs in Progress

I’m posting all songs that I am currently working on here. All are typically in different stages of progress, but whenever I make an update, I republish the song and the newest version will always be right here until completed. Every sound in these tracks has been custom made in audiotool. It’s pretty great free audio production software, I would highly recommend it to anyone playing in sound production.

God of Sleep

For a pre-final installation warmup, I was asked to create a looping 4-channel piece to be tested in the EDP Hypercube (performance space). We were asked to create our tracks based on an alternate persona, so I chose Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep. I tried to embody a sense of sleepy ambience, without relying on abstract ambient noise as I enjoy making my pieces musical. I recorded myself in the bathroom shower playing the guitar riff as well as ringing a Tibetan cymbal. The long synths were created in and the shorter more prominent synths were created in Reaktor. The challenge was to combine musical elements that could randomly overlap each other and still feel in place while the loop progressed. I stopped this track at 4 minutes, but feasibly it could be played for a day without any track overlapping the other.


For my midterm project in Sonic Arts, we were asked to create an audio piece designed for headphone listening, transporting the listener to a different place. Instead of explaining what I was “going for,” I think it’s best to just listen to the track and keep the title in mind. Enjoy!

P.S. – If you aren’t wearing headphones for this, you are cheating yourself!