LED Arrays – Neopixel FeatherWing

Our new assignment is to make a creative animation with our Neopixel FeatherWing. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t believe the example files that were uploaded for class were set up properly to take advantage of the RGB to HSB conversion table. I’m completely lost again, and really don’t clearly understand what I’m doing, feeling […]

LED Arrays – Adafruit Feather

4/5/17 The assignment yesterday (4/4/17) was to program 4 LED’s flashing independently from each other with different fading effects. I’m currently stuck on only getting the first LED in the chain lit. We wrote some complicated (to me) code to control the timing instead of just using a simpler but less efficient delay(); function. I […]

Cultural Event 1 – Solastalgia

Solastalgia – 3/31/17 Dateline: 3004 Larimer St. Denver, CO Jayne Butler / Molly Lofton / Noah Travis Phillips / Sarah Richter / Bart Rondet / Anna Winter A mixed exhibition of EDP MFA students featuring virtual reality, digital, tactile and sonic arts. I had a great time experiencing the wide breadth of work from our program’s graduate students at Solastalgia. I […]