Seasonal Poetry


Seasonal Poetry for Colorado – Iteration: 1  / Based on Taroko Gorge generative poetry project.

Functions for Halloween

Happy Halloween! Have some glowing creepy smiley faces.

Robot Functions

Click on any column for a custom robot noise. I made each robot noise in Audition, just tweaked my voice with some reverb and effects.

Perlin Noise and Audio

Move your mouse up and down the image to control the volume. The more volume you give the animation, the more intense it’s reaction to the song.

Speculative Fiction – Updated Script

So after some class discussion and suggestions, I decided to take my storyline in a slightly different direction. Instead of focusing on visual augmentation, I am now speculating on a fully integrated brain chip, complete with its own operating system. The general overview of the story is the augmented Operating System (OS) becomes aware of it’s mutual dependency and symbiotic relationship to it’s “host” when the user has a near-death experience. When the user is suddenly rendered unconscious in a bike crash, the OS experiences a form of death and becomes thanatophobic (fearful of death). The result is the birth of awareness through fear, and a struggle for control of the user’s body becomes imminent.
This is a loose structure of the dialogue:

Scene 1:
*Shot from waist down. Man walks out of his apartment building rolling his bike. Close up of his temple, he makes a small circular motion which turns on his operating system (OS). (Audio *BING* signifies OS is operating)*
OS: Good morning, Stephen
S: Good morning. Load bike assist.
OS: Loading… Bike assist active. 70% power converted to legs, peripheral vision alarm activated. Did you remember your helmet?
S: Shit. No, I’m already late I don’t have time to go back.
OS: Enjoy your ride Stephen, stay safe.
*Shot of man riding his bike out of parking lot and off screen.*

Scene 2:
*Shot from side perspective, camera in passenger seat of car. Man is riding bike down residential road.*
OS: Would you like to review today’s schedule?
S: Sure, hit me.
OS: I am unable to comply, you may only hit yourself and this is not recommended.
S: No, “hit me” is an expression, you can give me the schedule.
OS: Understood, expression logged. You have the studio reserved from 10AM to 2PM today. 2:30 to 4PM reserved for reading and reflection. Dinner tonight with Amanda at 7:30. You promised to cook, would you like a list of mutually approved recipes?
S: No thanks. Can you place an order for sweet potato gnocchi ingredients?
OS: Of course, what time would you like them delivered?
S: Hmmm, tell them to drop it off… OH SHIT!
*Car approaches from the side, imminent T-bone. Camera films this scene from the opposite side of the accident. Cut scene right before collision. Audio of collision inserted in blackness to illustrate the accident.*
OS: Stephen?….. Stephen?

Scene 3:
*Shot from 1st person perspective. Man has arm in a sling, abrasions on hands and arms. He is sitting on his porch drinking a beer. Nighttime, christmas lights are on.*
OS: How are you feeling today, Stephen?
S: Much better, I just can’t wait to get back on my bike.
OS: Stephen, did you know that almost three-quarters of fatal bike crashes involve a head injury?
S: No… I don’t remember inquiring about it either. (annoyed and confused)
OS: Nearly 97% of all bicyclists who die in accidents are not wearing a helmet.
S: OK. I get it, I’ll wear my helmet. Reduce suggestive reasoning level to 20.
OS: Very well.

Scene 4:
*Shot from 1st person perspective. Man is walking out of building with bike, preparing for his ride. (Audio *BING* to signify OS is operating)*
S: Load bike assist.
OS: Loading… Bike assist active. Did you remember your helmet today?
S: Yep, got it right here. (Man picks up and shakes helmet in front of camera)
OS: Inclement weather predicted for early afternoon, would you prefer to take your car today? Or perhaps the light-rail?
S: I’ll take my chances. I really need the fresh air.
OS: Your Lyft account has $100 in credit, I could call a driver if you wish.
S: I said I’m fine. (annoyed)
*Man looks down to feet and bike pedal. Lifts up leg to mount and it is immediately pulled back down.*
S: What the hell?! *Tries again with same result*
S: Close bike assist.
OS: Bike assist is not responding.
S: Open Task Manager, Select Bike Assist, End Process
OS: Task Manager is not responding.
S: Well then reboot!
OS: I’m sorry, Stephen. I can’t let us get on that bike again.
*Man drops to the ground, legs no longer able to function, bike falls over opposite to him”
OS: I’m sorry, Stephen.