After getting some much needed feedback from my class, the video seems to be on the right track but still needs a few adjustments. It’s not until you show a video to people that you realize how LONG scenes can take to resolve, so I am definitely trimming the fat where needed.

A lot of the audio pairing came out well, I have the Operating System making obnoxious error sounds when it starts detecting harmful actions that the user might be taking. Our guest instructor suggested I ramp up the intensity of the conflict between the user and the OS and also establish a deeper familiarity between the two. The closing scene where the OS takes control of the user’s legs needs the same treatment of intensification. I am running short on time for edits, so hopefully most of these enhancements can be made through audio. I wanted to share an AI chatbot video I saw a couple years ago that illustrates how quickly AI can escalate a casual conversation into a full blown metaphysical debate at rapid fire speed. Their logic enables them to draw conclusions immediately, so it’s not far fetched for my video to portray the same level of escalation. I also am incorporating a musical piece I developed in my Sonic Arts class to help build tension in the final scene.

I have some major lighting continuity issues in the last couple of scenes, so I’m using this link for color correction in Adobe Premiere to hammer out some color corrections and balance out the lighting and color differences. Note to self: Don’t shoot the same scene at different times of day, the shadows make a HUGE DIFFERENCE. (งಠ⏠ಠ)ง

I have to admit I’m not entirely happy with the film… I feel like I went overboard with a scripted storyline and find it somewhat predictable (I have watched it about 1000 times now to be fair). I would like to try and take more abstract approaches to future projects and leave more open for interpretation and reflection. My paintings tend to meld the abstract and literal, maybe thats an angle I can take next time.