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  1. Neopixel Animation

    We ditched the regular LEDs for a much more sophisticated RGB LED Neopixel. Our assignment was to create a narrative using only one Neopixel light.…

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  2. Project Proposal 1: Generative Seasonal Poetry

    Introduction I want to explore generative literature through two separate lenses: situational generators and linguistic generators. Situational signifies an open, organic system that can freely…

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  3. Sleepcaster 2.0

    Sleepcaster / 2.0 The second iteration of Sleepcaster was a deeper dive into the physical representation of both controlling a remote version of oneself while…

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  4. Sleepcaster 1.0

    Sleepcaster / 1.0 The assignment was to develop a speculative design, so I started combing through emerging technologies that could be expanded on or relocated…

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  5. Seasonal Poetry

    Seasonal Poetry for Colorado – Iteration: 1  / Based on Taroko Gorge generative poetry project.

  6. What is Sleepcaster?

    Sleepcaster is a modular bed mat that responds immediately to your specific comfort needs. Our topper is constructed from thousands of our live-responsive soft cells. Each cell…

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  7. LED Arrays – Adafruit Feather

    4/5/17 The assignment yesterday (4/4/17) was to program 4 LED’s flashing independently from each other with different fading effects. I’m currently stuck on only getting…

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  8. Project 1.2 – Live Performance

    After playing my initial sample for class, I was encouraged to explore tactile sound design to foster a more analog-centric performance. John Cage’s Water Walk…

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  9. Project 1 – Live Performance

    I shared one of my favorite projects so far from the Fall 2016 quarter and was asked to elaborate on it by creating a live…

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  10. Taroko Gorge – Sample

    Working on modifying a poetry generator started at MIT called Taroko Gorge. Here are a few sample lines that it has written on it’s own:…

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  11. Transcoding Literature

  12. LED Light Programming

    Last week we simulated programming LED lights in Processing. I have no prior experience in Processing, only p5js, so I’m still getting used to the…

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