I shared one of my favorite projects so far from the Fall 2016 quarter and was asked to elaborate on it by creating a live performance. I focused hard on learning how to operate Ableton Live 9 and wanted to enable the audience to play electronic instruments along with me. I made every sound from scratch through Reaktor, trying to maintain enough ambience and negative space in the track for audience members to enter new sounds at any given moment.

Brief Description
Several tracks controlled by performer, several tracks available for activation throughout performance space. Risk element increased by controlling tracks live and allowing audience to participate. Risk decreased by controlling all instrument effects on mixer board and designing complimentary sounds for any timing structure.

Soundscape Qualities
* Open space, allowing for participation
* Meditative
* Complimentary
* Tracks sync no matter when they are activated live

* Ableton Live
* Midi Wifi or Bluetooth Controller App
* Midi Designer Pro 2
* http://appcrawlr.com/ios/midi-designer-pro
* Midi Studio
* https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/midi-studio/id519720275?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

Hardware / Equipment
* Laptop
* 4 Channel Speakers
* Mixer board or Pad board
* iPad(s)
* Nintendo Wii Controller(s)
* Custom-built midi controllers through Arduino?
* Real objects connected to contact mics