Sleepcaster / 2.0

The second iteration of Sleepcaster was a deeper dive into the physical representation of both controlling a remote version of oneself while also offering the experience of being touched. I was also asked to mock up a product site to flesh out more details on this speculative product. I realized that until I started actually building out the product website (which is not my forte) that the pros and cons of the Sleepcaster’s capabilities became much easier to articulate. I am currently still working on the site, but the top of the site has a p5js animation I programmed to help convey the responsive cell technology that the special bed relies on. Click here to see the Sleepcaster product site.

I’m  not thrilled with the mechanical hand I built, the base of the hand is made from a cardboard cutout of my own hand but mechanically it doesnt function as “real” as I would like because the surrounding foam inhibits movement. If I have the time, I want to build a more robust model that can be controlled with a microchip and motor.