First project: Write a script and storyboard a speculative fiction that challenges current technical pathways. This will eventually become a short film. I have the option to present a couple of ideas, so why not take advantage? One idea is relevant for current emerging tech, the other is a little far-fetched. Here they are:

Script Concept 1: 

  • Augmented Reality: Contact Lenses and Visionary Implants
    • I have read about “smart lenses” and of course the emerging bionic eye surgeries that will no doubt become more refined and safe in the near future. This is my take on what could happen if smart lenses and chip implants become the convenient new way to interact with visual media.
    • Possible pitfalls to depict:
      • Viruses (porn sites pop up in your visual field when giving an important presentation)
      • Hackers watching your visual activity live (and broadcasting it)
      • Obnoxious advertising because you didn’t pay full price for your app.
      • Increased accidents and deaths, people walking into each other and traffic.
      • Bleeding eyes and seizures. A new line of eye drops and designer drugs are developed to mitigate these effects.
      • Confusion between augmented vision and reality.
      • Loss of desire/drive for human contact and interaction.
      • The world becomes a playground or setting for FPS games. Warehouses are transformed for safe environments to play. Scores for popular games give rise to star status. Point accumulation is associated with attractiveness. HUD in
      • Part of the culture is lazy, fat & complacent, part of the culture is incredibly fit, active and domineering.

Script Concept 2: 

  • Personal Portals
    • A world 100 years in the future where portals are accessible to nearly every modernized human. Human matter is still limited to traveling a finite distance before being compromised (250-500 miles). Install a piece of portal tape in any doorway in your house to create a portable portal gateway. Credits must be used per transfer, limited baggage. Portal gateways exist all over the world, sometimes in remote locations to facilitate long distance travel to exotic destinations. Space station portals get people to the moon and Mars.

      Issues: Human matter degredation; two people merging through a portal and becoming conjoined; portal suicides; portal malfunctions (misplacement, breakdowns during transit, power loss, inaccessibility to lower income classes). People become bored of travel, no place holds special meaning. Degradation of cultural history. Homogenized language, currency and product offerings.